direction finder

Synonyms and related words:
Bourdon tube, Gyropilot, Gyrosin compass, HFDF, Mach meter, RDF, absolute altimeter, accelerometer, aerial reconnaissance camera, aerometer, aeroscope, air log, altigraph, altimeter, ammeter, anemograph, anemometer, anemoscope, aneroid, automatic pilot, autosyn, barometer, bombing locator, bombsight, calorimeter, card compass, chronometer, compass, control rod, evaporimeter, flight recorder, galvanometer, gosport, gosport tube, gyrocompass, gyroscopic compass, gyrostatic compass, horn, hub dynamometer, hygrograph, hygrometer, hypsometer, inclinometer, induction compass, inertial navigation system, joy stick, loran, magnetic compass, magnetic needle, meteorograph, micrometer, needle, octant, optical altimeter, ozonometer, photometer, pitot-static tube, pluviometer, potentiometer, pyrometer, quadrant, radar, radio, radio compass, radio direction finder, radiogoniometer, rate-of-climb indicator, recording hygrometer, robot pilot, sextant, shoran, spirit level, static tube, sting, strike radar scanner, sun compass, tachometer, thermograph, thermometer, thermostat, throttle, transit instrument, variometer, venturi tube, viscosimeter, wireless compass, yoke

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • direction finder — direction finding. Radio. a receiver with a loop antenna rotating on a vertical axis, used to ascertain the direction of incoming radio waves. [1910 15] * * * ▪ instrument or  radio direction finder        radio receiver and antenna system for… …   Universalium

  • direction finder — n. a device for finding out the direction from which radio waves or signals are coming, as a loop antenna that can be rotated freely on a vertical axis …   English World dictionary

  • direction finder — A radio receiver equipped with a directional sensing antenna used to take bearings on a radio transmitter. Specialized radio direction finders are used in aircraft as air navigation aids. Others are ground based, primarily to obtain a “fix” on a… …   Aviation dictionary

  • direction finder — pelengatorius statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. direction finder vok. Peilanlage, f; Peiler, m; Peilgerät, n rus. пеленгатор, m pranc. goniomètre, m …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • direction-finder — direcˈtion finder noun A radio receiver that determines the direction of arrival of incoming waves, used esp in navigation • • • Main Entry: ↑direct …   Useful english dictionary

  • direction finder — noun Date: 1913 a radio receiving device for determining the direction of incoming radio waves that typically consists of a coil antenna rotating freely on a vertical axis …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • direction finder — direc′tion find er n. rtv a receiver with a loop antenna rotating on a vertical axis, used to ascertain the direction of incoming radio waves • Etymology: 1910–15 direc′tion find ing, n …   From formal English to slang

  • direction-finder — /dəˈrɛkʃən faɪndə/ (say duh rekshuhn fuynduh) noun a contrivance on a radio receiver usually based on a loop antenna rotating on a vertical axis, which ascertains the direction of incoming radio waves …   Australian English dictionary

  • direction finder — noun radio; determines the direction of incoming radio waves • Hypernyms: ↑receiver, ↑receiving system • Hyponyms: ↑goniometer, ↑radio compass …   Useful english dictionary

  • direction finder — n. df, apparatus for determining the source of a conveyed signal …   English contemporary dictionary

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